Moxie IoT combines industry-standard and cutting-edge technology to create industrial monitoring systems that give you all the information you need in a single location.


Ultra-Wideband is an integral part of our industrial Internet of Things positioning system. Using low power signals and ultra-wideband radios, we can accurately measure and track any object, device, personnel, machinery, etc.  in three dimensions.


MQ Telemetry Transport is a staple of the  Internet of Things. It's used to create a fast, reliable, and efficient messaging system between IoT devices. The tiny amount of data transmitted along the bi-directional connection allows for real-time graphs, charts, and even 3D 'mini worlds' of your facility.


Global Positioning System is the standard for device and asset tracking when a clear view of the sky is available. Moxie IoT takes advantage of this technology: when the conditions are correct, we combine Ultra-Wideband positioning with GPS for flawless asset tracking anywhere in or around your facility.


Similar to Wi-Fi, our Internet of Things devices can communicate via cellular networks. The seamless integration between cellular and Wi-Fi allows devices to function properly in any industrial setting: inside or outside, near Wi-Fi hotspots or a shipping/receiving yard.


Bluetooth Low Energy is used for simple and secure IoT device setup. When a MoxieWorld anchor or tag is powered on it broadcasts a BLE signal that mobile devices can connect to. Once connected, the anchor or tag can be easily setup through the MoxieWorld app in under 5 minutes.


Wi-Fi connects all of our devices to the internet. It's a well-known network protocol that is common, robust, and standard. All the information and data our IoT devices gather are constantly streaming via Wi-Fi to servers and mobile devices.