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Moxie IoT brings your overhead crane to the 21st century by providing powerful analytics through an easy to use indoor tracking system. Make data driven decisions around your mission critical equipment from anywhere in the world.

  • Study no-fly zones, find pick and place 'hotspots'.
  • Relate machine daily load to capacity and maintenance.
  • Optimize material placement to minimize load/unload time.
Moxie for Cranes

Our intuitive app interface allows your team to create and study how often your crane is entering no-fly zones and gather the data necessary to make improvements. Visualize everywhere your crane is going, augmented with fact-based load data to see how it is affecting your critical operations such as maintenance. Optimize material placement on your floor layout with confidence knowing you are making important changes that directly improve your day to day operations.

How it Works

MoxieCrane hardware combined with our iOS app helps your crane operator or anyone involved in your operation understand their machine through powerful custom analytics. Keep track of key performance indicators in real time from anywhere in the world through an intuitive interface of customizable maps and dashboards. Our end-to-end solution provides a blueprint for increasing safety around maintenance, effectiveness of floor plans, and ease of collaborating with teams of all sizes. Moxie is proud of our user-centric approach which was developed in conjunction with our fantastic industrial warehouse and distributor customer base. Take accurate measurements to track crane throughput, pick and place ‘hotspots’, daily load capacities, and any other key performance indicators for your needs. Cranes are one of your most mission critical pieces of equipment and, through powerful data visualization, we want to help you get the most out of them in any environment.

Live tracking of every pick and place.
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Scalable to any amount of cranes to fit your needs.
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