Journey with Us

Bringing an idea from concept to first sale is a huge undertaking, but can be fun and rewarding if approached the right way. As an IoT founder, the new idea that your product brings to life is 90% of its value. Unfortunately, 90% of the cost of an IoT deployment is in building a framework to implement it, not the idea itself. The Moxie workflow helps keep a focus on your good idea and keep a steady push towards commercialization. It is helpful to divide the IoT development process into four steps. Each step is a meaningful process to defining and creating a product – and working in stages through each one allows a pause and shift at any point it makes sense to adjust the vision.

Define your internet of things idea with us

Your Idea

Research until you’re confident in your idea.

You have a great idea for a new technology product. Awesome! Friends/coworkers agree the idea has potential. No existing products solve the problem well. You understand the market and its customers.

Outreach by phone, in-person visit, trade show.

Trade Studies and Project Outlines (like this one!) to help understand our business and process.

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Visit our lab, talk to a Moxie representative.

We’re excited you found Moxie and would love to discuss your idea. Our partners usually know quickly if we’re a good fit to create a prototype system. If you need help fundraising, we are happy to estimate hours and material costs before getting into detailed work.

Shop Tour

NDA mutual nondisclosure to allow fair discussion.

SOS  Review and order-of-magnititude quote so we are on the same page.


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Sit with our technology team to define a mission.

Once you have secured funding, we can sit and define a Mission. The Mapping meeting is a low-cost way to get our expert team’s input on your product with an in-person discussion. After the discussion, we  create a Mission plan (Statement of work) outlining a path to achieve your goals.

Mapping Meeting

SOW Statement of Work, detailed Mission and quote.

TDA to clarify technology ownership.

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See a live demo, then take it home to test!

After Moxie considers the mission a success, and demonstrates it to our own critical review team, we bring you in for a Demo Day to see your new product! We’re confident it will meet the objectives defined in our Mission statement, on time.

Demo Day

Prototypes and documentation.


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Choose a new mission or ramp up production.

This mission is complete! It’s now time to either move to a new strategy (business and production) or define a new mission to build on results so far. At this point we are happy to help you decide to start a new development mission with our team or help you move to production.

Production quote if requested.

Manufacturing files (CAD, Gerber, hex code).