Forklifts are an integral part of industrial operations. Using Moxie to track forklift location and activity can create valuable insights that increase efficiency, safety, and profitability.

  • Study and compare task times and speeds between operators.
  • Review safety issues or accidents to increase awareness of hazardous areas and behavior, and help prevent future issues.
  • Study how long an operator takes to perform tasks, as well as time and duration of breaks.
  • Monitor entrance into restricted zones.
  • Never lose track of a forklift's location during shift change.
Moxie for Forklifts

Moxie tracking and app-centric monitoring provides the tools needed to considerably increase industrial forklift efficiency. Tracking forklifts routes will help identify congested areas, quickest paths, and potential hazards. Using the knowledge gained from the Moxie indoor positioning can help your company become smarter, faster, and leaner. Moxie indoor positioning allows for individual monitoring of forklift operators. Easily view an operator's performance and speed, and determine areas the operator is proficient, as well as areas that can be improved. Tracking forklift assets can identify hazardous and congested areas that could lead to safety issues. Locating these areas and making appropriate changes helps provide a safer working environment for everyone. Less congestion and hazards will lead to greater production and efficiency.

MOXIE IoT indoor positioning hardware gives you access to a constant stream of real-time information about every forklift in your fleet. The indoor positioning tags can easily mount on most forklifts, and can be hard-wired or battery powered. Our app-centric approach displays this information in a custom 3D model of your facility, providing real-time 3D graphics of your entire forklift fleet. The MOXIE app also displays graphs and charts using the real-time information. Combining real-time 3D models and easy-to-interpret graphs creates an intuitive system that provides in-depth and important information in an accessible manner. The MOXIE app also makes monitoring your forklift fleet easier than ever: no matter where you are, a 3D replica of your warehouse and assets is a touch away.

Real-time 3D model and plotted graphs for every forklift.
iconogram of industrial internet of things forklift tracking
Easily track operator location and efficiency.
forklift in industrial factory moving products
forklift in industrial setting

MOXIE IoT also provides historical data and maintenance tracking for forklifts. No more hunting down physical logs and constantly reminding people to fill them out. The MOXIE app seamlessly integrates maintenance with indoor tracking, and can alert an operator, technician, or administrator of overdue inspections or equipment wear and tear based on time used, distance traveled, etc. Custom timelines and alerts can be created directly in the app- everything in one location.

MOXIE’s app-centric design means everything is tailored for a great user experience. All the information provided about your forklift fleet is readily available and easily understandable: simple enough for anyone to utilize, yet powerful enough to provide insight into actionable improvements.