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Capital equipment is the heart of industry that pumps material and product through. Equipment, like business, is most productive when running at full rated capacity without exceeding the rating. The MoxieWorld Machine Doctor ensures your equipment never skips a beat.

  • Extend the capabilities of your MoxieWorld positioning system.
  • Understand load and strain through equipment lifetime, and eliminate unforeseen failures.
  • Ensure equipment runs at full capacity without overloading.
Moxie Machine Health

Moxie Plug-and-play sensors work with all MoxieTag trackers to provide extended information about your assets. Moxie meets most common needs with sensors that can be installed unobtrusively in your existing equipment: electric motor load, vibration, and environmental sensors. Machine Doctor detects a machine’s departure from baseline (which indicates eminent failure) soon enough that it can be acted upon. Eminent Failure can be indicated by changes in a Machine’s vibration profile or by changes in the environmental conditions inside the machine, such as an increase in temperature or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Moxie Machine Health options are described in detail below. Dozens of other sensors are also available for your specific applications. Moxie IoT can develop custom solutions to fit your needs: learn more here.

For Electric Motors

Non-contact clamps easily attach to your AC Induction Motor power cables to monitor the load and strain of the motor based on RMS Current. The MoxieWorld app displays and records the raw values and can alert if limits are exceeded. This system is especially suited for systems with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) position or speed control, where speed and rotation direction can also be logged. AC Current waveforms can also be used for diagnosis of motor faults such as broken stators, bearing flaws, warped drivelines, and more. Applications include:
· Crane hoists – Estimate the lifting load relative to rated capacity to help with maintenance scheduling and fully utilizing the capacity per lift.
· CNC spindle – Watch typical and peak load and speed to maximize tool life and minimize cycle times.
· Air Conditioning – Monitor fan motor duty cycling to prevent premature failure and diagnose downstream errors like refrigerant leaks and frozen radiators.
· Material Pumping – Predict flow rate and material consumption through the day/shift.
· Sump pumping – Be aware of A/C humidity, field drainage and flood concerns, system leaks.

For Cycling and Rotating Machinery

Vibration data can be used with long-established techniques to analyze machinery of all kinds. Most industrial maintenance teams are very familiar with such preventative maintenance techniques. But vibration/acceleration data can also be used for much more:
· Counting – count machine cycles by gate/door motion, conveyor loops, lever/saw/cnc cycle.
· Impact Events – Know when limits are hit or vehicles have hard impacts.
· Machine on/off – know when motors, engines, pumps, etc are on or off based on fine vibrations.
· Machine startup – Understand loading as rotating equipment passes resonance on startup.
· Shaft Bearings – diagnose a multitude of bearing faults using spectral and waterfall analysis.

Environmental Conditions

Temperature, pressure, and humidity only tell a partial story, that’s why Moxie Machine Doctor combines these measurements with volatile organic compound (VOC) sensing to provide a complete picture of machine environment. Leaking lubricants can also lead to massive bearings is failed lubrication due to leaks.  VOC sensors will detect changes in the environment when:
· Leaks – gases, fumes, oils provide signature fumes when leaking from vacuum pumps and more.
· Heated oils – detect bearing and engine lubrication loss deep within equipment where temperature cannot be directly measured.
· Rapid air flow – pressure changes reveal clean air leaks, fan speed, and more which directly relate to convection cooling.
· Humidity – prevent oxidation around your precision equipment.

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Moxie Machine Doctor easily integrates with existing equipment
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Connect the clamps to wiring to monitor AC Induction Motors
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