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Moxie IoT devices provides a real time maintenance tracker built inside the MoxieWorld iOS app. MOXIE’s easy to use platform allows operators to schedule, record and visualize machine maintenance.

  • Allow teams to easily document service records and share scheduled maintenance in real time.
  • Provides real time analytics including operator error, restricted areas and collisions.
  • Understand a machine’s load and capability through the visualization of data.
Preventative Maintenance

MOXIE IoT offers an intuitive environment in the iOS app to record maintenance which updated in real time across all devices. MOXIE is built for improved efficiencies, operations and communication on maintenance. MOXIE IoT’s 3D map provides the ability to build and monitor custom restricted areas. The IoT device sends data for maintenance areas including restricted and collisions. MOXIE IoT’s charts tab make it simple for operators to read and report machines load and capability. MOXIE IoT’s dashboard is customizable to include maintenance schedule, shift or time.

The MOXIE IoT end to end connected IoT devices paired with our MOXIE IoT IOS app are positioned to change the way operators view after-market maintenance data collection.
The team is excited to announce our recent mobile app update was built in conjunction working with our fantastic industrial warehouse and distributor customer base. MOXIE IoT understand that predictive and preventive maintenance are top priority for our customers operational and maintenance efficiencies. Team MOXIE IoT put precedence on maintenance as one of the largest key performance indicators in an internet of things industrial warehouse. MOXIE IoT plans to continue our development in shift maintenance, preventive maintenance, hourly maintenance, machine load stress and operator keep out zones. When the warehouse operator or maintenance team updates the MOXIE IoT iOS app the entire team can update the project. MOXIE IoT’s maintenance takes the guessing out of “when is the next scheduled maintenance”. MOXIE also removes the question “when was this last serviced”.

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Track maintenance periods and downtime
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Schedule maintenance intervals within the app
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Know what to fix before a failure occurs