MoxieWORLD is a comprehensive solution for tracking the movement and activity of assets – from overhead cranes, forklifts, and pallets, to human assets. MoxieWORLD collects, stores, analyzes, and displays this data in the app in real-time and history, with an intuitive overhead mapped view of your zone layout. The app shows charts and map overlay traces colored by speed, hours of usage, direction of movement, and more. All data and activity are stored securely and are accessible in your MoxieWORLD iOS App Portal.




Bluetooth MCU nRF52810 Cortex M4F
Network Ultra Wide Band (UWB)
Power Requires 120V outlet dedicated power
Enclosure Polycarbonate - IP67 sealed
Sensors UWB - DW1000 Transceiver


Bluetooth MCU nRF52810 Cortex M4F
Network WiFi (2.4Ghz) + UWB Transceiver
Power Requires 120V outlet dedicated power
Enclosure Acetal (Delrin) - O-Ring Sealed (IP67)
Sensors UWB - DW1000 Transceiver


MoxieANCHORS are mounted to your building or infrastructure and act as a constellation of references that the tags use for positioning. Up to 150 anchors can be installed in a single constellation, each with a working range of 50 meters. The anchors can be mounted on walls, columns, or hidden above suspended ceilings. The signal between anchors and tags can travel through many obstacles like stud walls and are unaffected by dust, heat, or humidity. After mounting, the MoxieWORLD app makes it easy for anyone to setup and configure new anchors. The constellation of MoxieANCHORS synchronizes itself and integrity tests can be activated in the app to ensure positioning is accurate as possible.


MoxieTAG is a small, self-contained positioning unit with 20 cm (8 inch) accuracy. Position and velocity data are transmitted safely over Wi-Fi or LTE-M1. Each anchor constellation can support ten tag updates per second (e.g. ten tags each updated once per second, or 100
tags each updated every 10 seconds). Position can be found in 2D or 3D based on the number of anchors within radio range of the tag. Moxie IoT can add custom sensors to tags for your application, including environment data (temperature, pressure, humidity) and inertial data (acceleration, rotation, heading) for display and analysis in the app.


Effortlessly add new zones to your MoxieWORLD. Overlay building schematics for precise, intuitive monitoring.


View real-time speed, location, activity, maintenance records, etc. all from one convenient view.