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MoxieWorld was built by operators, for operators. That’s why Moxie’s hardware is modular, allowing you to retrofit your long-lived capital assets to keep up with state of art tech innovations. Our interface is App-based, empowering operators with data visualization that intuitively show performance data that directly correlate to specific actions you can take to drive operating performance.

  • Utilization. RPM's. Downtime - the data you need to assess today, then act tomorrow.
  • Modular hardware: retrofit your long-lived assets with a system that will keep up with future tech.
  • In-app data visualization enables you to identify and act without needing a data science degree.

As an operator you know the key data points that drive your throughput and efficiency. Much of that data can now be collected in machines bought today, but the million-dollar question is this: does the incremental benefit of the new ops data result in a net positive value compared to the steep cost of buying new machinery? This is why Moxie has spent 5 years carefully developing a standalone modular hardware ecosystem (meaning that our sensor hardware does not need to be wired in to your machine’s control system, but rather gathers all data while being mounted externally). Key data points on Moxie’s In-App data visualization displays your data in any way that most empowers you, the decision-maker: data can be shown over time periods; comparing performance by shift or individual machine, either against each other or against a set performance benchmark, etc.

iPad screenshot of industrial operations information
Heatmaps provide accessible overviews of equipment utilization
ipad screenshot of industrial graphs and charts for monitoring
Know everything happening with real-time data and charts