Our Technology

Moxie IoT combines industry-standard and cutting-edge technology to create industrial monitoring systems that give you all the information you need in a single location.


Ultra-Wideband is an integral part of our industrial Internet of Things positioning system. Using low power signals and ultra-wideband radios, we can accurately measure and track any object, device, personnel, machinery, etc.  in three dimensions.


MQ Telemetry Transport is a staple of the  Internet of Things. It's used to create a fast, reliable, and efficient messaging system between IoT devices. The tiny amount of data transmitted along the bi-directional connection allows for real-time graphs, charts, and even 3D 'mini worlds' of your facility.


Global Positioning System is the standard for device and asset tracking when a clear view of the sky is available. Moxie IoT takes advantage of this technology: when the conditions are correct, we combine Ultra-Wideband positioning with GPS for flawless asset tracking anywhere in or around your facility.


Similar to Wi-Fi, our Internet of Things devices can communicate via cellular networks. The seamless integration between cellular and Wi-Fi allows devices to function properly in any industrial setting: inside or outside, near Wi-Fi hotspots or a shipping/receiving yard.


Bluetooth Low Energy is used for simple and secure IoT device setup. When a MoxieWorld anchor or tag is powered on it broadcasts a BLE signal that mobile devices can connect to. Once connected, the anchor or tag can be easily setup through the MoxieWorld app in under 5 minutes.


Wi-Fi connects all of our devices to the internet. It's a well-known network protocol that is common, robust, and standard. All the information and data our IoT devices gather are constantly streaming via Wi-Fi to servers and mobile devices.

Moxie IoT is proudly manufactured and operated in the USA.

built on influxdb

Moxie IoT uses InfluxDB for easy data storage, analysis, and retrieval.

built on influxdb


MoxieWorld offers three ways to consume your data:
  • MoxieWorld iOS App Interface. Interactive 3D and map-based visualization, create live and historic channels for plotting as heatmaps or as plotted channels on the dashboard.
  • Live Data: MQTT broker. Subscribe to the live data stream of your MoxieTags to create your own real-time visualization, or to store in your preferred database.
  • Historic Data: InfluxDB Database. Access historic data for your MoxieTags. Query, filter, and parse to see trends over time or to replay past scenarios.

To learn more about the MoxieWorld API and its implementation:  

Download the API Guide