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      Specialized electronics designers can be hired to design circuit boards. App developers are everywhere. However, there is a gap whenever a product needs Electronic Hardware to work seamlessly with App Software. Moxie focuses on filling that gap, building the ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘IoT’. Our straightforward and proven development process takes your IoT product from concept to profitable business in just a few months.

     IoT system development requires a diverse team and unique skills. Our mechanical and electrical engineers, app developers, and graphic design team work together to provide quality solutions for any IoT or electronic system.  Through years of team-building on dozens of IoT products, we have redefined the way engineers and developers work together – our unique “attack unit” team structure allows for expedited development, testing, and production without sacrificing content and quality.  Moxie designs, programs, and assembles everything we create 100% in-house in the USA, so you get fast and reliable results. Our support team is experienced in using your business goals to define technical objectives for engineers to meet, helping you bridge the gap from idea to best-selling product.

If this sounds like a good fit for your business, or you want advise on the services that can help your business grow, feel free to call or email us today (1-205-402-8848 | [email protected]).


moxie iot circuit board designer
Circuit Boards
internet of things (IOT) embedded code icon
Embedded Code
moxie iot can prototype physical devices for mass production.
Moxie IoT develops unique and robust network communication protocols for IoT devices.
user interface for hardware conneted internet of things devices
User Interface



Navigation lighting solutions for aircraft (DO-160-G)
A precision GPS solution to determine the attitude of a yacht
A tele-operated hexapod robot for Gentle Machine Company
A monitor to detect if a child is left in a hot vehicle
neoPLC provides a rapid prototyping platform for testing embedded systems
Taillight navigation light solutions for aircraft (DO-160-G)
A wristband wearable for sports medicine
APEX Pro provides machine learning coaching for automotive racing