Forge data into insight & action.

Give your team a new vision for performance and safety. App-centric asset monitoring places a virtual twin of your facility at your fingertips so you know everything.
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Explore the benefits of moxieworld for Your TEams:

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  • See everything in a real-time digital-twin
  • Track up-time: on/off, start/stop, motion
  • Study capital utilization vs capacity
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  • Schedule service on distance, load, motion
  • See operator faults: restricted areas, collisions
  • Understand machine load vs capability
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  • Easy hardware and app setup and expansion
  • Collect data for predictive maintenance
  • Access raw real-time streams and historic data
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Bridge Cranes

  • Study no-fly zones, find pick and place 'hotspots'
  • Relate machine daily load to capacity and maintenance
  • Optimize material placement to minimize load/unload time
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  • Compare your fleet of operators and equipment
  • Identify areas of congestion and decreased efficiency
  • Study on/off time, moving/stationary, routing optimization
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Machine Health

  • Extend the capabilities of your MoxieWorld positioning system
  • Understand load and strain through equipment lifetime
  • Ensure equipment runs at full capacity without overloading
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Our Technology

  • UWB/DGPS positioning options with 12inch (30cm) accuracy
  • Low latency IoT data streams over Wi-Fi, LTE-M1, Ethernet
  • Secure database to store your collected data
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